Club Statutes

Articles of Association of the Estonian Leather Men's Club

  1. The Estonian Leather Men’s Club (aka LMC in Estonian, it’s a partnership established in the Republic of Estonia that combines gay and bisexual men who are interested in leather, rubber, uniforms, skins and cowboy (jeans and boots) clothing.
  2. LMC is a member of the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) and the Nordic Fetish Clubs.
  3. All information about the partnership’s identified fetishism is secure, and all clubs cooperate with each other.
  4. Club Membership is limited:
    (a) to those whose fetish revolves around leather, rubber, uniform, skin and cowboy clothing (jeans and boots);
    (b) to those who follow the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) dress code and dressed up at club events appropriately;
    (c) to those who have paid the club’s entry fee and regularly pay their membership fees by the end of the first quarter of the current year.
  5. The club’s membership is closed and limited to only its members.
  6. The highest body of the club is the general assembly meeting. The general meeting is elected by the club board every two years. The Management Board has up to 5 members. The board is elected by the club presidency.
  7. The general meeting of members shall be convened by the club board or at the request of at least one third of the club members.
  8. The club’s governing board holds meetings as needed. The meeting has a quorum when applied to Union-wide board members.
  9. The treasury of the club is organized by the treasurer, who reports to the chairmen of the general meeting.
  10. Club liaison member organizations are organized by the club president or a member of the board of his choice.
  11. The approval of new members is limited to the club members’ decision. After accepting the application, the new member will pay the entry and membership fees.
  12. Disqualification from club members is based on non-compliance with the laws and/or the internal rules of the club, or unworthy behavior by a member that damages the reputation of the club or insults the club members.
  13. If a member has not paid the membership fee within a calendar year and after not responding to the second written reminder, the club president has the right to propose to the board to remove such member from the club’s list.
  14. The club member is obligated to dress at club events in accordance with the dress code and not to distribute information about the personalities of the club members and their activities outside the club. The club member who brings guests to the club event is also responsible for their code dress and behavior.
  15. The Articles of Association were adopted at the General Meeting of Club Members on November 10, 2012. ans