LMC Estonia - Leather Men's Club

The main goal of the Estonian Leather Club is to spread information about various sexual fetishes and to organize club activities for its members.

Our club includes gay and bisexual men who are fond of black leather, rubber clothing, uniforms, skinheads, workwear suits and jeans / boots style (e.g. cowboy, Tom of Finland).

We have no taboos when it comes to sex. Safety is our number one priority and we’re careful about it. We are not ashamed to admit to each other the type of sex we’re interested in or what we would like to experience. We strive to find a solution to our (secret) desires and enjoy it together.

We are a non-violent and communicative group that supports its members and treat each other respectfully in a well-meaning way. We’re open to multiple sex activities as long as it’s consensual and never against the partner’s will, by agreement between the parties. Age, nationality, creed and other social statuses or beliefs do not play any role in our club.

Because of all this, the leathermen movement throughout the world is a strong brotherhood.

Our club activity provides the opportunity to realize your wishes and also a sense of security.

We are a men’s club for anyone who accepts our club’s statutes and pays the annual membership fees. At club events all our club members must fulfill the ECMC dresscode.

The club was founded in October 1992 and works on a partnership basis. The club is a member of the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC), which unites many fetish and motor clubs across Europe.

In addition, the club is a member of the Nordic Federation of Fetish Clubs – The Top of Europe (ToE) Club emblem has a flying spindle ring.

The Club Membership Card is an ECMC Membership Card, which is common to ECMC clubs: This card opens the door to ECMC fetish clubs and also allows you to bargain at many of the related stores in Europe.