PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for HIV prevention, if there is a risk of direct exposure. PrEP is now available in Estonia through your general practitioner (family doctor) and it’s currently supported by Haigekassa (50%).

If you start with PrEP, you need to take PrEP regularly every day to protect yourself from infection. PrEP does not provide 100% protection and does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, always use a condom with PrEP and check for STIs regularly.

HIV Test & Support

Sex Info


PreP is now available in Estonia and with support from Haigekassa (50%).

Estonian Institute for Health Development – National Institute for Health Development of Estonia.

The only sex club in Estonia. The Club where real men can have sex. The Club welcomes its members, as well as friends, guests and travelers. Strictly no drugs, no prostitution!

Estonian HIV-Positive Network.

HIV Positive Association – an inspirational and evolving resource for promoting the leadership capacity of HIV positive communities, and an equal and professional partner at the national level as well as in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region to contain the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

The Estonian LGBTQA Center (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer and Asexual) provides support for individuals/groups regarding human rights and code of ethics on equal treatment.

The Gay Christian Union (GK) is a non-profit church and politically independent association of LGBTQA Christians.


Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla Nakkuskliinik
Paldiski mnt. 62
info telefonil: 659 8551
tel. 645 5555
Avatud: E-N 8.00–17.30, ja R 8.00–13.30
NB! juuni, juuli ja august on kabinet avatud: E-N 8.00–15.30 ja R 08.00–13.30

Synlab Eesti OÜ
Veerenni 53a
tel. 640 8211
Avatud: E–R 8.00–15.00

Synlab Eesti OÜ
Mardi 3
tel: 5148057
Avatud: E-R 9.00–14.00


Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum (Nakkusosakond)
Riia 167
tel. 742 7611
Avatud: E 10.00–13.00, T 14.00–17.00, K 8.00–11.00, N 15.00-18.00, R 10.00–13.00

Seksuaaltervise Nõuandla
Ringtee 75 (Lõunakeskus)
vastuvõtt tööpäeviti 9-17 eelneval registreerimisel või
tel.59 19 39 44

Synlab Eesti OÜ
Gildi 8, III korrus laboris
tel: 17123
Avatud: E-R 12.00–15.00

Synlab Eesti OÜ
Teguri 37b
tel: 17123
Avatud: E-R 08.00-13.00


Narva Haigla
Haigla 5, kabinet 14
Tel. 356 0304
Avatud: E 12.00–18.00, T 12.00–16.00, K 12.00–16.00, N 12.00–18.00, R 10.00–14.00

Narva Haigla polikliinik
Vestervalli 15, kabinet 10 ja 203
Avatud: E-R (kabinet 10) 08.00-16.00, E-R (kabinet 203) 08.00-18.00


Ida-Viru Keskhaigla
Ilmajaama 16
tel. 337 88 25
Avatud: E ja R 08.00–11.00, T ja K 15.00–18.00


Pärnu Haigla
Ristiku 1, kabinet K240
tel. 447 3388
Avatud: E 15.00–18.00, T 13.00–16.00, N 08.00–11.00


Järvamaa Haigla
Tiigi 8, B-korpus
tel. 384 8178
Avatud: E 7.45–15.00 ja R 7.45–14.30


Rakvere Haigla
Tuleviku 1, Kabinet 11
tel. 322 3581
Avatud: E 8.00–10.00, N 16.00–18.00


Tamsalu HIV nõustamis- ja testimiskabinet
Tehnika 1a
tel. 325 0950
Avatud: R 8.00–11.00


Tapa HIV nõustamis- ja testimiskabinet
Valve 30
tel. 324 0891
Avatud: T 9.00–13.00