Leather Club dresscode

When belonging to a certain group we wish to relate to the rules and behavior adopted by the group, and in some cases to their clothing rules. Just as it is inappropriate to go to a “tuxedo” party without a suit, dark suit or national costume, it is not appropriate to go to a leather club (bar) wearing regular clothing. Going to a leather club must be willing to identify with the club members, and one of the conditions is to wear appropriate fetish clothes and to actually wear it at club venues. The European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC), which has more than 60 motorcycle and leather clubs linked to it, has a set of rules for dressing up for a leather club (bar). This stems directly from one of the underlying fetish clothing.

The ECMC dresscode rules includes:

– Black leather clothing (shirts, vest, t-shirts, sweatshirt, pants, jockstraps, chaps and boots)
– Rubber clothing: black, green (shirt, sweatshirt, T-shirt, trousers, chaps, rubber boots, army rubber overalls, rubber aprons, jock staples)
– Uniforms (army, fire, police, etc.) Forms of armored units, except SS uniforms
– Skinhead (fly scooter, tight jeans, high boots, Lonsdale shirt)
– Cowboy – jeans – denim: jeans – common denim 501, letterless T-shirt, jeans, plaid shirt – Scottish pattern, cowboy hat, lace-up or boots.
– Clothes can also be combined. T-shirts are allowed at our club events in either a solid color shirt or an ECMC club shirt or promotional shirts that affirm the above fetishes.

Our club dress code does not include sneakers and sportswear s.h. wearing lycra clothes.