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DARKLANDS reveals 2022 dates

The Darklands Festival will take place in 2022! The Darklands team has confirmed the event for 1 more year ahead,

Estonia, Ekre and LGBTQAI rights

Estonia, with its ex soviet past, has come a long way when it comes to equal rights with its LGBTQAI

ECMC Secretariat’s Newsletter – September 2020

Dear fellow ECMC clubs, in this newsletter the ECMC Secretariat has some practical questions and requests for all the clubs.

Updates about AGM and Mister Leather Europe election

This is a special extra newsletter by the ECMC Secretariat Transition Team regarding the ECMC AGM and Mr Leather Europe

Baltic Pride 2020 – Cancelled

As many of you may have noticed, our Baltic Pride 2020 has been cancelled, which also means that our Fetish

Mr. Leather Europe 2021

The Mister Leather Europe 2021 contest will still take place this year, although a bit later than usual, expected to

France wins the Eurofetish 2020 song contest

Yes! you read that right! Eurofetish just took place last night and France bit all the contestants with their adorable

ECMC Secretariat’s Newsletter – April 2020

This is the second newsletter by the ECMC Secretariat Transition Team. Since our January 2020 newsletter a lot has happened

Fetish in the age of Covid-19

Let’s be honest, no one expected any of this.  If I’d be able to choose my own apocalypse I’d have

Sex and Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

Here are some tips for how to enjoy sex and to avoid spreading COVID-19.  “NYC said masturbate or fuck your