ECMC Secretariat’s Newsletter – September 2020

Dear fellow ECMC clubs, in this newsletter the ECMC Secretariat has some practical questions and requests for all the clubs.

New website

A new ECMC website is currently developed Antti and Tom of MSC Finland.

The new website will have a more appropriate domain name: ECMC.EU instead of ECMC.NU. A domain name with .EU extension very much fits an European organisation like the ECMC.

The new ECMC.EU domain name was graciously donated by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen manager of Darklands and Alphatribe in memory of Daniel Dumont. We thank Jeroen very much for that generous donation.

In order to make that new website as up to date as possible we have two requests to each ECMC member club:

  • Provide your most recent club logo, preferably in .png format or alternatively in . jpg format.
  • Provide a short introduction of your club that can be published on the new ECMC website (minimum 40 words, maximum 400 words long).
  • Can you please mail your logo and introduction text to

Tom of Finland plaque

As part of MSC Finland’s Finlandization festivities club commemorated the 100 years anniversary of Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen). The artist is known for his leather and fetish homoerotic art, and for his influence on late twentieth century gay culture. He is known as the most influential creator of gay images. Having influenced artist from fashion (Jean-Paul Gaultier) to music (Freddie Mercury) and visual arts (Robert Mapplethorpe). Over the course of four decades, he produced some 3,500 illustrations.

ECMC and 11 other clubs and art organizations took part in funding a memorial plaque designed by a

Finnish artist Matu Kormano. The plaque’s unveiling ceremony was held on August 22nd by the house where Tom lived from 1969 to 1984. Mr Fetish Finland 2020 Ondřej did the unveiling of the plaque and ECMC secretary and one of plaque organisers Antti gave a speech.

As the covid-19 ends and traveling will be again possible, you may go to Helsinki and see the plaque commemorating leather and fetish history on the wall of a building in Tehtaankatu 7.

Vote for Account checker

The ECMC Secretariat would also like to ask your cooperation for an electronic ballot to confirm the candidacy of LMC Vienna for ECMC 2019 – 2020 book year account checking. The Balotilo electronic voting tool will be used. The president of each ECMC member club will receive a Balotilo link to vote on the candidacy of LMC Vienna for the accounts checking.

The deadline for the voting will be specified in the Balotilo voting link. If desired the president of a club can delegate another board member for the electronic vote. You cannot vote more than once, please make sure that you selected the correct voting option prior to sending it in.

With this vote all clubs can practice electronic voting, depending on the experiences of the ECMC member clubs the ECMC Secretariat intends to use the Balotilo voting tool for voting during the electronic ECMC AGM on Sat 28 November 2020.

Please let us know what your experiences and/or remarks are via email to