Updates about AGM and Mister Leather Europe election

This is a special extra newsletter by the ECMC Secretariat Transition Team regarding the ECMC AGM and Mr Leather Europe election.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has led to cancellations of many local events and related Mr Leather elections. Several clubs opted to extend the term of their already elected Mr Leather. Given those circumstances there will be few candidates for a Mr Leather Europe election in November 2020, hence holding that election is not feasible.

Additionally travel to Nice is not possible at this point in time and it is unclear what travel restrictions will apply in November 2020.

Given the uncertainties for travel and the fact that it is not useful to hold a Mr Leather Europe election this year the ECMC Secretariat discussed a way forward with Evidence as well as Manchester Leathermen.

We jointly concluded to take a cautious approach to hold an on-line ECMC AGM on Sat 28 November 2020 covering all regular AGM topics and to cancel the Mr Leather Europe contest this year.

Evidence will still organise a local event on the 21 November weekend but no ECMC events in that weekend.

A full-fledged ECMC AGM and Mr Leather Europe weekend will be organised by Evidence in November 2021.

Manchester Leathermen agreed to shift their effort to organise the ECMC AGM and Mr Leather Europe weekend from 2021 to 2022.

As the Mr Leather Europe contest will not be held this year the ECMC Secretariat has requested Stevio to continue to serve as Mr Leather Europe until November 2021.

We are grateful that Stevio is willing to extend his term as Mr Leather Europe and serve as our ambassador working on the visibility and brotherhood in our leather and fetish community both on-line as well as during local events once those can be held again.

We regret that circumstances have forced us to take above decisions. Considering that ECMC member clubs must plan well ahead for travel and activities it was not feasible to postpone these decisions any longer.

Over the coming months the ECMC Secretariat will keep in touch with you and prepare for the on-line ECMC AGM on 28 November.

Kind regards

Antti Kauppinen
Philippe Laurent
Arthur Peremans