Baltic Pride Tallinn 2020

The Baltic Pride, a joint Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian cultural festival amongst the three baltic countries, has been organized by the Estonian LGBT Association, Mozaika and LGL since 2009.

Baltic Pride was held in Estonia back in 2011, 2014 and 2017. Our Baltic Pride stands for a free and safe to live environment, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, and self-expression. The next Baltic Pride will arrive in Tallinn in 2020.

The Pride Festival has been organized around the world for almost half a century.

Initially, pride events marked Stonewall’s riot when, back in 1969, a number of people began to crack down on police violence in the New York City bar. Later, the purpose of the pride has been to highlight the various issues faced by all people of different gender and sexuality in society.

More information is available on  Facebook.