France wins the Eurofetish 2020 song contest

Yes! you read that right! Eurofetish just took place last night and France bit all the contestants with their adorable pups and snatched the title.

The event was organized and hosted by the SLFC who did a great job bringing all the fetish households together and bring some joy during the Covid-19 pandemic times.

21 countries went into the contest, giving us a happy time. Although there were some technical difficulties, the event managed to pull it off at the end.

Surprisingly over 5000 people tried to vote from the Telegram app, making the whole system crash for awhile and causing some delays, but hey! this happens anyway in the real Eurovision contest.

The Irish team rocked the house!

Of course, a big thank you to all the contestants for their amazing support, love and effort making this happen.

We sincerely hope this event can take place for the years to come to continue bringing all fetish groups together from all over the world.