ECMC Secretariat’s Newsletter – April 2020

This is the second newsletter by the ECMC Secretariat Transition Team. Since our January 2020 newsletter a lot has happened in the world. The spread of the COVID-19 virus has major impact on our way of life in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Members in our community have died of COVID-19 and more may follow.

Socials and meetings of most ECMC member clubs are cancelled and the ECMC Secretariat has received several questions how to respond to this crisis and what the impact will be on the 47th ECMC AGM and Mr Leather Europe 2021 election on Sat 21 Nov 2020.

At the moment the ECMC Secretariat is not in a position to give an advice on holding the ECMC AGM as government regulations are in flux and will change between now and November this year.

In case there is a need for changes in the format or scheduling it will first be discussed with Evidence who organise the ECMC AGM and Mr Leather Europe 2021. As it is still 7 months till the ECMC AGM is held there is sufficient time to make adjustments in the format in case that is necessary.

This newsletter contains three attachments: Minutes of the 46th ECMC AGM that was held in Rome last year, Candidacy form for the ECMC Secretariat, Order form for ECMC membership cards, stickers, etc.

We hope you will find this April 2020 newsletter interesting and we like to receive any remarks or suggestions for improving our future newsletters.

Mister Leather Europe 2021

Previous Mr Leathers from all over the world

Several ECMC member clubs asked questions on sending candidates to the Mr Leather Europe 2021 election. The rules of the Mr Leather Europe contest stipulate that it is primarily the decision of the ECMC member clubs to send candidates to the Mr Leather Europe 2021 election.

Some clubs held their local elections prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and have a newly elected candidate for Mr Leather Europe 2021 contest. Other clubs have postponed their local election or extended the term of their current Mr for another year.

Any club that elects their local Mr on an original or rescheduled date prior to the Mr Leather Europe 2021 contest deadline has the right to send that candidate to the contest. The closing deadline is set by Evidence as organising club for the Mr Leather Europe contest this year.

Tom of Finland Centennial Plaque

Tom of Finland

As told in the previous newsletter, this year the world celebrates the 100 years anniversary of Tom of Finland (1920-1991). Tom of Finland is widely recognized as the utmost influential gay drawer of our time. His home town Helsinki is preparing to commemorate his legacy with a permanent memory plaque on the wall of Tom’s last home in the center of Helsinki. MSC Finland – Tom’s Club and Tom of Finland Foundation have had an open call for proposition for the plaque. Here you can see the proposition that was chosen to be the final plaque.
Over 10 fetish and artist organizations around the Europe are donating to make the plaque possible. The voting on last newsletter was clear – ECMC takes part in the founding of the plaque. As the organizations are so many, so the price per organization will be only 100 euros.
As the covid-19 has postponed everything in our world and the plaque will not be celebrated on the Tom of Finland’s 100 years birthday May 8th, but later during the Finlandization weekend August 21st-23rd.

Account checking

The minutes of the 46th ECMC AGM that was held in Rome last year are attached to this newsletter.
During the ECMC AGM in Rome we forgot to appoint an accounts checker for the 2019-2020 book year. We are happy to let you know that LMC Vienna has volunteered to perform the accounts checking for the 2019-2020 book year.
To formalise the accounts checking by LMC Vienna the ECMC Transition Team will hold an e-mail ballot for all ECMC clubs to vote on the accounts checking for the 2019-2020 book year.



If you wonder how your Secretariat members work together, even if they are living in 3 different countries, here is the answer.Of course, we use mail but we had to find more efficient ways to communicate and apps helped us a lot.

For urgent matters, we choose Whatsapp because we all already had it on our phone and you may have a glance on any notification on it. It’s also convenient to share files quickly from your phone or talk to each other at no cost.

But we had to choose another tool for our monthly meetings. Why ? Because we need to work on documents and figures, so it’s more convenient to read them on a computer… and there’s only a (very) light version of Whatsapp on computers. Sometimes we also need to share something from our screen and most important, we need to see each other. Skype does all of the above on a computer in one app, and two of us already used it at the office, so we choose it for our meetings.

I hope you now know more about how we work as a digital team. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to share the tools you’re using in your clubs for the next newsletter !

Candidacy for the ECMC Secretariat

This transition year serves to enable ECMC member clubs to submit their candidacy for the ECMC Secretariat. The candidacy of an ECMC Secretariat team must contain a plan for the future of the ECMC. During the 47th ECMC AGM on Sat 21 Nov 2020 in Nice the delegates will vote on the ECMC Secretariat candidacies and their respective plans.

A form for the ECMC Secretariat candidacy is available here.
If you like advice or have questions regarding candidacy for the ECMC Secretariat please contact us by e-mail to or contact one of us direct via Facebook Messenger.

AGM 2019 MinutesSecretariat Candidacy Order form
The minutes of the 46th ECMC AGM that was held in Rome last year The form is available hereThe Order form for ECMC membership cards, stickers, etc