ECMC – Jaanuar 2020

During the 46th ECMC AGM on Sat 12 Oct 2019 in Roma the ECMC Transition Team was elected. The ECMC Transition Team performs the ECMC Secretariat activities as per the ECMC Constitution that was agreed during the AGM.

The ECMC Transition Team consists of Philippe Laurent of ASMF, Antti Kauppinen of MSC Finland and Arthur Peremans of MSA.

The ECMC Transition team will serve for one year and we will perform all activities necessary to keep the ECMC running but we will not start any major new activities other than improving the ECMC website and communications.

Account checking 

During the ECMC AGM in Rome we forgot to appoint an accounts checker for the 2019-2020 book year.
The management of the ECMC accounts is split in this book year. The first part of the 2019-2020 book year was managed by Daniel Dumont of MSC Belgium in his role as ECMC Secretary until his step-down during the ECMC AGM in Rome. The remaining part of the 2019-2020 book year the ECMC accounts are managed by the ECMC Transition Team consisting of representatives of ASMF, MSC Finland and MSA.
The ECMC Transition Team would like invite ECMC clubs that played no role in the management of the ECMC accounts to apply for candidacy of 2019-2020 book year account checker. Please apply in writing to the email address before 1 March 2020.
After receiving the candidacies the ECMC Transition Team will hold an e-mail ballot for all ECMC clubs to vote on the club that will perform the accounts checking for the 2019-2020 book year.

Candidacy for the ECMC Secretariat 

This transition year serves to enable ECMC member clubs to submit their candidacy for the ECMC Secretariat. The candidacy of an ECMC Secretariat team must contain a plan for the future of the ECMC. During the 47th ECMC AGM on Sat 21 Nov 2020 in Nice the delegates will vote on the ECMC Secretariat candidacies and their respective plans.
Later this year we will distribute a form for the ECMC Secretariat candidacy however already today ECMC members clubs can contact the ECMC Transition Team for advice and ask any question regarding candidacy for the ECMC Secretariat by e-mail to or contact one of us direct via Facebook Messenger.

ECMC drinks at Darklands Antwerp 

Each year the Darklands ECMC event of MSC Belgium is a big success that is visited by many members of ECMC clubs.
This year MSC Belgium and the ECMC Transition Team would like to invite all members of ECMC Clubs for a special ECMC drinks / Leather Social at the Darklands Blue Oyster Bar on Saturday 7 March 2020 from 2 PM till 3 PM (14:00 till 15:00).
Be there and socialise with your fellow ECMC brothers and other Leathermen.
Immediately after the drinks you can view the Mr Leather Belgium contest at the Main Stage. MSC Belgium and the ECMC Transition Team hopes to meet and greet you in Antwerp!

Tom of Finland Centennial Plaque

This year the world celebrates the 100 years anniversary of Tom of Finland (1920-1991).
Tom of Finland is widely recognized as the utmost influential gay drawer of our time.

As the artist is celebrated with events and exhibitions around the world this year, his home town Helsinki is preparing to commemorate his legacy with a permanent memory plaque on the wall of Tom’s last home in the center of Helsinki.
MSC Finland – Tom’s Club and Tom of Finland Foundation have had an open call for proposition for the plaque. Now five finalist drawings are being more carefully observed by the representatives of Foundation, MSC and the owners of the building the plaque will be on. A big part in the final decision making will play the budget of the plaque. The ECMC Transition team decided to ask from the clubs, if ECMC should take part in the financing of the Tom’s memorial plaque? Also if your club would be interested to donate something to help the plaque project please inform us by email to
More information about the plaque, design etc will be sent as the project goes forward. The organizing committee hopes to have the plaque on the wall by Tom of Finland’s 100 years birth day May 8th.